Meet The Artist: Melina Meet The Artist: Melina

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Meet The Artist: Melina

Meet The Artist: Melina

We are so excited to have collaborated with the very talented to create a beautiful Review streetscape. Known for her bold, highly detailed and quirky black and white pieces. Keep an eye out for Melina’s beautiful artwork splashed across boutique windows, our website and social channels. Get to know Melina a little more…

How/when did your love for art begin?

Since I was really young, I’ve always loved drawing, making art and had a passion for fashion. I grew up with hardly any technology, which allowed my creativity to really blossom.

After High School I studied an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design
then a Bachelor of Communication Design (Graphic Design) at RMIT,
where I was awarded the top scholarship to study in Milan for six months.
Living in Milan opened my eyes to the culture of the creative world.
I took fashion and design classes, roamed the streets, took photos,
collaborated, drew in parks and created fashion shoots and magazines.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by the strong, creative women in my life - both grandmothers and my mum. The values instilled in me from my family are strong and remind me that anything is possible.

Explain the creative process behind your approach.

I was inspired by the character of our Collins St buildings and wanted to capture Melbourne City culture in a detailed yet simplified manner. I first began by sketching a Review storefront, and once the composition was right, I then re-drew it again digitally on my ipad.

What’s the most rewarding aspect about being an artist?

The ability to visually tell a story, have it out in the world for people to see and immerse themselves in. I love being able to express myself through art and connecting with people.

What did you enjoy most about your collaboration with Review?

I enjoyed working with the team, they had total trust in me and gave me creative freedom on this project. Creating the ‘Review World’ was fun, it has many different elements and details.

What inspired your piece for Review?

The fashion and culture of the brand.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say the minimalistic aesthetic has a ‘high fashion’ flair.
Expressive and simplified black and whites with flowing
linework. The artwork marries contemporary quirkiness
with timeless design.