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Meet The Face

Principal Artist Benedicte Bemet

Meet Principal Artist — Benedicte Bemet

Born in Mackay, Australia, Benedicte Bemet embarked on her ballet journey at the age of three. Her family's move to Hong Kong when she was ten opened new avenues for her training, eventually leading her to New York and Canada in 2009. Today, she is a Principal Artist – and the face of our latest 'Ballet Moves' collection.

Early Influences

Benedicte credits much of her success to the incredible teachers who nurtured and inspired her throughout her training. Her classmates, who remain her closest friends, were a constant source of motivation. Together, they pushed each other to strive for excellence, fostering a supportive and competitive environment that shaped her career.

Passion for Dance

Her love for ballet stems from the unique expression it allows through movement. The ability to connect with people through dance is a profound gift, offering a cathartic experience that continually fuels her passion for this art form. It's these moments of connection and expression that keep her motivated and dedicated to ballet.

Artistic Inspiration

Various art forms, including music, painting, and literature, play a significant role in Benedicte's interpretation and performance of ballet. For narrative-based pieces, she delves into books and films to understand the characters she portrays. For non-narrative works, she focuses on capturing the choreographer's intent through the physicality of movement. Music, however, remains her greatest inspiration, setting the mood, style, and emotion of each piece.

Meet The Face

Fashion in Ballet

The relationship between ballet and fashion is a study in contrasts for Benedicte. On stage, she dons the traditional pink tights, leotard, and tutu, embodying a feminine and practical aesthetic. In her personal life, she seeks comfort after spending long hours in restrictive costumes.

Personal Style Evolution

Over the years, her personal style has evolved from wearing dresses and skirts to favoring pants and a more capsule wardrobe. She now prioritizes conscious purchases, investing in high-quality pieces that will last. 

Balance and Joy

Outside the studio and stage, Benedicte finds joy in reading and cooking. She takes care of her body through yoga and sessions at Inner Studio for sauna and plunge therapy. Spending quality time with family and friends, often over good food and wine, is her preferred way to relax and maintain balance in her life.

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