We sat down with the besties behind the brand…

A place for pick-ups and pop-ups! This stunning space was created by business babes Alisha & Alice to not only serve up their own delicious treats, but as the perfect canvas for pop up shops, brand activations, workshops, intimate events and oh so much more.

Tell us a bit about yourselves

Alisha: A career in baking was never my initial plan. 10 years ago I started to post photos of my baking online...and it took off! My cake brand ‘Sweet Bakes’ focuses on creating delicious cakes and works of art. Co-founding Co.Bake Space with Alice was the perfect next progression of not only my baking career but the perfect place to implement all those fun creative business skills I've picked up in the last decade.

Alice: Where to begin! So first things first, I run the baking business Miss Trixie Drinks Tea and co-founded the Co.Bake Space with the beautiful Alisha. I previously worked in experiential marketing and PR, before Covid took my job. I always ran Miss Trixie as a side hustle when I was working full time.

Our Valentine’s Day competition is all about celebrating women and each other! Tell us about how you became besties?!

We locked eyes across a kitchen when we both happened to be at the same short course with a famous pastry chef. And the reason we connected was that we rocked up in bright colourful dresses and everyone else was in chef attire. We had followed each other for years but when we met IRL, it was like meeting a long lost twin. 

Tell us about your amazing business!

Co.Bake came about because Alisha and I had decided we wanted to share a kitchen, but beyond that we were actually wanting to find a space that could accommodate other small businesses (as creatives too often can't afford their own space - so we wanted to facilitate the home for others). When we came across the site on Swan St, we thought the front space would make for a great canvas for creatives and brands alike to showcase their products, which is something we haven't seen in the market before. 

What do you love most about what you do?

Alice: I get to eat sugar everyday, which is the soul reason why I exist. But beyond that, I love now working alongside the creative, cheerleading genius in Alisha. Coming to work every day is a joy and I can't believe that I am living out this life. 

Alisha: I am a joy seeker in every avenue of my life, and what is more joyful than cake!? I've worked solo for most of my career, so entering into a partnership with Alice for our new biz baby has been the most fun I have ever had in my work life. I think it's super rare to find someone who exists on the same enthusiasm (perhaps also called a sugar high) levels. We both have the same ambitious goals and visions! 

What a typical day in the life of @cobakespace?

Typically, Alisha is at the space first and Alice rolls in just after and demands a group walk to the nearest coffee shop. Sometimes we squeeze in a workout together before heading to work together.  Every day is different though - some days are packed full of meetings and site visits with potential creatives and brands wanting to use the space, other days are heads down for each of our respective cake businesses. 

Why do you think our Review ladies will fall in love with your space / this collaboration.

Co.Bake was built to facilitate community and uplift women in business. We could be considered 'competitors' in the cake world, but we are passionate about showing everyone that we're simply better together. We know that the Review ladies love nothing more than supporting their BFFs around them and that's precisely what this collaboration is all about!