Owner and Creative Director of FORD MILLINERY

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a self-taught designer who developed a passion for millinery at the ripe old age of 6 years old, playing with discarded materials in my aunties' millinery studio. Fast forward to 2013, FORD MILLINERY was born and quickly became a favourite amongst celebrities, stylists, Australian designer labels and fashion media - renowned for our modern aesthetic and sleek silhouettes.

What inspired you to start designing millinery?

I've never met a person wearing a hat or headpiece who didn't feel fabulous. Headwear is the cherry on the style confidence cake... A sophisticated drama, a wearable expression and a very clear message that this is my style and this is who I am. Throughout history, you can identify remarkable people, cultures and professions purely by their hat.

What / who inspires you in both your professional and personal life?

I have a curious and playful mind and see beauty in abstract things, often around nature, sounds and exploring the structures of objects and materials... For example, colour combinations of neon lemon moss growing on charcoal volcanic rocks have inspired a reversible bucket hat, while reverse engineering a childhood origami game created my distinctive architectural collection. Artists and designers before me who dance to the beat of their own drum, like Jean Paul Gaultier, bring me great joy and remind me that letting the imagination run its full course is where magic and true authenticity is born.

What do you love most about creating each piece?

Authenticity is one of the most valuable traits to me, creatively and personally. My favourite part of the creative process is when I can look at the headpiece I've been working on and know that it's finished and how it is intended to be - authentically itself. Nothing needs shifting, adding, removing, changing in any way. It's complete, balanced and it brings me a sense of ease. That's not to say it will be the perfect headpiece for everybody, but it could be the perfect headpiece for somebody, for itself and for me as the creative behind it. 

What do you love most about the Review brand?

I love Review's brand story and how the styles and silhouettes have evolved to continuously excite their customers. Embracing the playful side of femininity (especially with the earlier vintage-inspired styles) and more recently expanding on modern day dresses with bold silhouettes. Review has always seemed to be a label that truly celebrates the female form, in all its curvy and straight glory! A brand for all shapes, that - like millinery - can make a woman feel fabulous!

What was your inspiration behind the FORD MILLINERY x Review pieces?

FORD MILLINERY and Review seem to share an attitude that celebrates uniqueness, style confidence and a playfulness born from those two things. When designing the FORD MILLINERY x Review Spring Collection of headwear, I wanted to offer versatility for shoppers to find their own unique head to toe look by mixing and matching headwear with Review's gorgeous Spring Collection of garments. Each headpiece was carefully designed to work beautifully with 10 or more different outfits from Review's Spring Collection, for a fun and seamless shopping experience.

How was the collaboration process?

As a creative professional, I place a lot of trust in other creatives. I loved working with the Review team... There was a mutual respect of each other's professional, creative and industry experience and as a result, the FORD MILLINERY x Review Spring Collection of headwear was born incredibly quickly and seamlessly. We are so excited to present this collection to our joint audience, with full confidence that it is truly designed for them, with no compromise.

What sets FORD MILLINERY apart from other brands?

FORD MILLINERY has become a favourite amongst celebrities, stylists, Australian designer labels and fashion media, renowned for our sleek silhouettes, unique colour combinations and modern approach to styling head to toe. We're also known for our playfulness and encourage everyone to wear what they love! Our pieces are carefully designed to offer versatility across the seasons, providing value for the shopper and a more responsible impact on our precious Earth.

What are your favourite picks from the Review Spring Collection?

In terms of Review's Spring Collection of garments, I love the new direction of modern and bold silhouettes, and a strong focus on lipstick red (very in this season!)... I also love the bold floral prints and shorts suit. In terms of headwear, my favourite pic is FORD MILLINERY's "ANNIE" hat with interchangeable ribbon ties (made in matching Review prints to tie in perfectly with Review garments), as these offer effortless elegance and a complete look without too much additional styling. More than anything, I am excited to see how the Review and FORD MILLINERY shoppers create their own unique head to toe looks that even we - the designers - had not foreseen!