How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

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How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

We are starting to see the first few inklings of Spring in the air; slightly longer days, birds chirping in the trees and beautiful fresh flowers starting to bloom.

The Springtime is our favourite time of year, especially when we get to pull out bright and colourful prints from the summer that has passed (plus add in a few new ones to the collection)! If you are like us and love that ritual of swapping out our autumn-winter wardrobe to spring-summer, then keep reading for these must have tips and tricks.

There is no better time than the change of season to set away an afternoon and delight in the ever-so-fun task of giving your wardrobe a spring clean and refreshing it with new flowing dresses and cheerful colours to take you into the warmer months. If it’s been a long time since you gave your wardrobe a clean out, this task might be a little more daunting for you, but fret not! We break down the process in just a few simple steps and we promise you’ll thank us later. By the end of your spring clean you want to be looking at a well-rounded wardrobe of clothes you are actually going to wear on high rotation throughout the season ahead.

Give Your Closet a Clean Out

Now we know this might sounds like a bit of a drainer… but you would be surprised how dusty your shelves and draws can get! Emptying your closets is the only way to give it a good spray and wipe. Plus, it is the perfect Segway into our next step. While you’re at it, have a look at all your hangers. Are there any old ones that you could probably say goodbye to? We love the look of matching coat hangers and if you do too then this could be a good time to re-stock your collection.

Sort Through Your Wardrobe

And so the sorting process begins! Enjoy the nostalgic “aww I remember wearing this” or laughable “what was I thinking moments” as you sort one by one through all the items in your wardrobe. Prepare to say “goodbye for now” to your beloved winter coats & knitwear to make room for all the wardrobe goodness!

You want to ask yourself three questions when sorting through your wardrobe;

1. Is this suitable for Spring-Summer?
2. Do I even wear this anymore?
3. Does it still fit me?

As much as we may love the item, sometimes we have to let it go for another person to treasure!

While you’re sorting through your items, create three piles; one for donating, another to pack away until next Winter and the final for the items you are going to put back in your wardrobe. Keep in mind (especially for Review Girls in Victoria or Tasmania) that it does take a while for that summer heat to hit so you’ll need to ensure you still keep some lightweight layering items handy.

Donate Pre-Loved Treasures

Before you even think about throwing out an old garment from your wardrobe that you think is not that special anymore, we want you to know that in every 10 minutes Australians throw out 6000kgs of fashion! Now that is A LOT of fashion and textile waste.

There are plenty of ways you can donate your pre-loved goodies such as dropping off a delivery to The Salvos, Vinnies, Red Cross or another local Opp shop. It is a fulfilling feeling knowing you are passing on something that will be adored by someone else and knowing that you aren’t contributing to unnecessary waste.

Pack Away Winter Styles

To keep your beloved winter coats and knits safely packed away until it’s their time to shine again, we recommend storing in a cool and dark place. It’s also a good idea to make use of a garment bag for some of your more delicate dresses or extra special faux fur coats. If you’ve got a spare bedroom wardrobe that’s brilliant! Otherwise, canvas bags or boxes work well too as they let the fabrics breath while also protecting them from unwanted moths.

Carefully take into account here which items should be taking up your prime wardrobe real estate. When you look into your wardrobe you want to be able to easily view and access your most worn items. You also want your wardrobe to delight you every time you look in it, so it’s totally fine to put your pretty shoes or fragrances out on display as well!

When it comes to shoes and accessories, you want to try your hardest not to stack them all on top of each other or else they will get crushed. Make use of dust bags so when you pull them out they are looking as good as new!

Write a Wishlist

Now that all the hard work is done, it’s time to step back and look for any gaps. Identify what is needed to complete your wardrobe or any dream items to elevate it. Browsing the Review online catalogues for fresh new pieces is a fun way to start out and get the inspiration going. You may notice a theme in your wardrobe such as plenty of floral tops and blouses but no plain bottoms to match or a lot of neutral colours but no vibrant fresh prints to help you stand out. Whatever it is, it is then your mission to find complimentary items to your existing range.

If you are looking pretty bare that is also so okay and a great place to start out! You may want to spend some time on Pinterest creating a mood board of your own personal style and then head to a Review boutique or book a virtual styling session to see your dream wardrobe come to life.