Follow this easy guide to ensure your knits retain their as-new look and feel forever.

Warm, cosy and oh-so-easy to style, quality knitwear is a true staple in every wardrobe and will stand the test of time, provided you take good care of your pieces. We’ve tried and tested everything over the years… and have the inside scoop straight from one of our Review Designers, Rhonda, on a few simple tips and tricks to keep your favourite pieces looking brand new season after season.


It’s important to hand wash all of your knitwear pieces in cold water. This makes sure your pieces retain its beautiful natural shape (no shrinking allowed here!)


Avoid harsh detergents, bleach, and stain removers. Instead, opt for an eco-friendly wool wash to prevent wear and tear over the course of the years.


It’s really important that after washing your items with the wool detergent that you turn them inside out and lay them flat to dry. Hanging them while they’re wet will cause it to stretch.

Afterwards, you can also iron your pieces to keep them in pristine condition, before folding them away for storage.

Our knitwear collection features delicate yarns and blends of merino wool, alpaca, and viscose. Due to the texture and cosiness of our premium yarns, some pieces have a natural tendency to pill or bobble without proper care. Show them some love! In the occurrence of pilling, use our handy little knitwear comb especially designed to remove pilling from delicate knit styles without snagging or destroying the fabric, leaving you looking and feeling as fabulous as ever!