How To Care For Your Denim How To Care For Your Denim

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How To Care For Your Denim

Everyone has their favourite pair of jeans, skirt or jacket, whether it’s the fit, or that perfect wash, there’s just something about denim that you will never be able to part with.

So how do you make sure they hold up as long as possible? We’ve put together our favourite tips and tricks for the best way you can keep your denim looking and feeling fab!

Wash Less

Did you know that it’s actually better to wash your denim less?

Denim naturally softens over time with wear, so you’ll find it starts to mould perfectly to your body. Which not only gives your jeans some oh-so-sweet character, but it’s also kinder on the environment, win win!

But when you do have to wash them, we recommend washing with cold water, along with a gentle detergent.

And what about those pesky stains? (We’re looking at you wine!)

Our secret is adding a little white vinegar or eucalyptus oil to lift the stain.


The secret to preserving the fit of your jeans and avoiding any shrinkage or fabric warping? Line-drying! Simply turn your jeans inside out after washing, and hang them in a shady space.

So now you’ve got the tips, it’s time to stock up on your faves!