Behind the Review 2020 Collectables Behind the Review 2020 Collectables

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Review 2020 Collectables

Well, it’s fair to say 2020 didn’t quite go exactly to plan… but nothing can stop our mission of making women feel their kind of beautiful in frocks that transport them to a feeling of all-round fabulousness.

As we take a pause on travel this year, we let our imaginations run wild, dreaming of ‘frolicking’ about in faraway destinations. Introducing… the 2020 Collectables launch (which might just be one of our favourites to date)! If there’s one thing this year has taught us it’s that being the truest, happiest version of you is what life is really about! When you wear your collector’s item, wear it loud and proud #ReviewGirl!

Join us for a peak behind The Collectables and learn more about the inspiration behind each Collectable prom dress and all the adorable features that make each dress so special. Which design do you love the most?

Join us for a peak behind The Collectables and learn more about the inspiration behind each Collectable prom dress and all the adorable features that make each dress so special. Which design do you love the most?

"You Had Me at Aloha"

You Had Me at Aloha is inspired by white sandy beaches, pink flamingos and the turquoise water of Hawaii. Wear this dress and picture yourself sitting amongst the shade of palm trees as the soft sound of the ukulele carries through the warm breeze.

The You Had Me at Aloha print is crafted in a delightful cotton blend for summer and features all the dreamy elements to whisk you away to the balmy islands of Hawaii. With hibiscus flowers, pink flamingos, secluded islands and of course breezy palm trees backed with an ocean blue ground, this print has us day dreaming of our next getaway.

Who needs a post card when you can mail a coconut! Yes, you heard it right! You can mail a decorated coconut with the address attached and no packaging required! Talk about letting the good times roll.

Each island in Hawaii has its own official flower and colour. The state’s flower is the yellow hibiscus, while Maui’s flower is pink and called ‘Lokelani’ or Damask Rose.

It’s no surprise to learn that Surfing originated in Waikiki, with the destination now flocked with avid surfers or paddle boarders from across the world.

"Jamaican Me Crazy"

Jamaican Me Crazy is inspired by vivaciousness of fruity cocktails under the summer sun. Think zingy yellow pineapples complete with little umbrellas, flowers in your hair and a dash of zesty lime. This dress will take you away to cool cabanas in the Caribbean!

TheJamaican Me Crazyprint packs a punch with the vibrancy of yellow and tropical blooms swaying in the coastline breeze. Florals are forever a favourite of ours, but like the rest of prom dresses in the collection; this sundress is also crafted in a cotton blend which we love for the warmer months.

Jamaica is undisputed as the reggae capital of the world, but there are many other forms of indigenous music created leading Jamaica to produce the most music per capita. Feel the rhythm!

Jamaica is home to the world’s three fastest runners. Sprinting is regarded as the most popular sport in Jamaica leading to this incredible athleticism!

The people of Jamaica sure know how to have a good time. In fact, Jamaica has the most rum bars per square mile in the world. Cheers to that!

"Fun of the Fair"

Fun of the Fair is inspired by the excitement and energy of a day at the fair. Embodying the feeling of exhilarating rides, lights and of course sweet treats in the California sun! Dream of wearing this dress on a Ferris wheel for the third time in a row with a cotton candy stick in hand!

There’s nothing we love more than a print clash, and the Fun of the Fair print does this playfully with a spliced skirt of navy and white polka dot and stripes to create the ultimate vintage inspired look. This dress is made for swirling in the daytime sun and is also crafted in a lovely lightweight cotton blend.

Coney Island was the first to invent the roller coaster in 1884! This was a 180m long railway which traveled at 10km per hour at 15m tall. Oh, and it only cost a nickel to ride!

If it wasn’t for Coney Island we wouldn’t have custard! A frozen custard was invented in 1919 to combat the fast melting nature of ice-cream under the hot New York sun. Even today you can still find a frozen custard ice cream stand along the boardwalk.

Coney Island hosts an annual mermaid celebration! This celebration consists of all things marine floats, elaborate mermaid and Neptune costumes and free inhibitions!