What to Wear on a Plane

Just because you’re stepping onto a plane doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous doing it. Ditch the leggings and learn the secrets to winning the airport fashion runway in our guide to what to wear on a plane.

What to Wear on a Plane

Let's Talk Dresses

Leave the tracksuit pants and hoodie at home and opt for something that is just as comfortable—your favourite floral or printed dress. If you’re in love with bold colours and want to make a statement as you walk to the gate, go for a floral dress. On the other hand, a subtle pattern dress will create an aura of class around you.

Avoid a mini dress and wear either a maxi or midi. You will find that plane seats typically feature rough fabric, which can get incredibly uncomfortable after sitting for a while.

What to Wear on a Plane

What About Pants?

If you’re heading into a colder climate, say Paris at Christmas time, you might not want to step off the plane in a breezy dress. Pants are another excellent option for the comfortable, yet elegant traveller. A wide leg pant will give you plenty of room to relax in, while a slim fit Capri will offer sublime comfort. Mix and match with a comfortable top of your choice and you’re ready to fly.

Staying Warm

Well-seasoned travellers will attest to how chilly it can get in a plane’s cabin. The solution? Time to layer up. For your top half, consider wearing a cardigan or knit that complements your chosen outfit. Otherwise, for those of us who are cold-blooded, a fur stole, or blazer will keep you cosy.

For your bottom half, travellers who have chosen to flaunt a midi dress may want to consider tights to keep their legs warm, while those with a maxi dress or pants won’t need to worry.

What to Wear on a Plane

Heels or flats? Wear whatever you’re more comfortable in! Heels give you extra reach making it easier to grab your bags from the overhead lockers, while flats are more casual. A happy medium would be a chunky heel for stability and comfort.

Tips on What to Wear on a Plane

• It’s easier to put layers on than take them off – even if you don’t get cold easily, pack a cardigan in your carry-on just in case.

• Avoid over accessorising – although you may want to bring all your lovely jewellery, headbands and other accessories, leave all but the essentials at home. You would hate to lose your charm bracelet overseas.

• Consider your carry on – before jetting off, read up on what the rules are for carry-on luggage with your airline. Most reputable carriers will allow you to bring one or two pieces of small luggage and a personal item, which can be your clutch (as long as it’s not too big).

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