A Fashion Icon: Brigitte Bardot A Fashion Icon: Brigitte Bardot


A Fashion Icon: Brigitte Bardot

Fashion icon Brigitte Bardot is the embodiment of Parisian chic and a huge trend-setter in the Review books.

While we might not be able to teach her effortless confidence and charm, we do know a thing or two about the trends Brigette has set on the fashion scene across the years. Join us as we reminisce on the key fashion moments throughout her career and get to know the impressive woman behind all the glitz and glamour.

Call her a bit of an “it girl”, Brigitte was born in Paris, France, and charmed her first Elle magazine cover at age 15. Soon after, she was discovered by a screen writer and entered the world of acting where she gained her international stardom during the 1950’s and 60’s. You could almost consider her a 60’s version of an “influencer”, becoming the ultimate pin-up and epitome of beauty leading to an influence that would stand the test of time. Brigitte became the embodiment of the modern day women with her free and independent spirit.

After retiring from acting in 1973, Brigitte stepped out of the limelight to pursue her passion for animals by supporting animal charities and founding The Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals. Brigitte’s efforts contributed the ban of fur and ivory products making her a true hero in our eyes. Brigitte Bardot was a huge trend-setter and here are our some of our favourite fashion moments.

Statement Headbands

It’s fair to say, we love a good headband moment and Brigitte understood the power it had to transform a look like no other. She frequently donned a statement headband to elevate her look and this become part of her trademark style. Often pairing her hair accessory with mod style, her signature winged eyeliner and a nude lip, Brigitte effortlessly exuded glamour in a look that may have previously been saved for the schoolyard. Aside from being super practical, the headband trend today is all about polishing a look and has the ability to take your outfit from drab to fab!


Matching Skirt & Jacket

There is something oh-so timeless about a matching skirt and jacket combination and Brigitte sure knew how to pull out the classy and polished look. Looking as sophisticated and chic as ever, we love that Brigitte always wore the outfit (instead of letting it wear her) by adding her signature bee-hive hair style, wispy lashes and a beaming smile. Whether it was checks, tweed or solid colour, we approve of all of these fine looks.


Button-Down Cardigans

Proven to be the ultimate “wear with anything” item over the years, a classic cardigan became some-what of a statement when Brigitte wore it! Whether she styled it as a jumper on its own, as an open cardigan, with a suit, with jeans or with ball gowns, she proved a cardigan really is a wardrobe staple!


Pussy Bow Neck Ties

Brigitte was the queen of primping her neck with a blouse that had a pussy bow neck tie. To this day, we simply adore this trend that was actually started as a more feminine take on the tuxedo style bows. Designed to strike a powerful look but with a more feminine appeal, this is one of our favourite style of blouses for our career wardrobes. Brigitte often wore hers with slightly cropped pants or pencil skirts for the perfect “on the go” outfit.