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The Workwear Hall of Fame

You may find it hard to believe that women spend on average 100 hours a year trying to figure out what to wear, yikes!

As much as we love fashion, that’s a lot of time that could be put to better use (watching old Hollywood movies, attending high teas or you know… whatever floats your boat!). As women, we often have busy daily schedules being the boss ladies that we are and we often just need the perfect capsule wardrobe that blends effortless into our everyday life so that we can utilise the “throw on and go” idea. Strike the perfect balance of professionalism and style with our carefully curated collection of office essentials that will help you feel on top of your game without compromising on your precious time (and still looking like you put in the effort!).

The key to a winning workwear wardrobe is classic investments pieces that will last you season after season. Our list of wardrobe building blocks allow you to infuse your own personal style in your office attire by mixing and matching with these core items that are promised to become an integral part of your work wardrobe. Dress for success in 2021 and re-direct your precious time frolicking in front of the mirror to achieving all that you dream for!

Here are our career wear holy grail items to have you returning to work in style.

1. A Comfortable Heel

The modern day woman is a woman on her feet! Often working for 8 hours a day, then off to dinner parties, school pick-ups and the like! So the importance of a comfortable heel that also says “I mean business” is essential. Enter our first workwear hero… the Estelle Heel. Sleek, versatile and most importantly comfortable to wear thanks to the cushioned insole and supportive ankle strap. Wearing a good pair of heels also has the added bonus of creating the illusion of longer legs and adding a welcomed cuteness to your outfit. It’s a no brainer; every working wardrobe starts with a good pair of heels.

2. A Ballet Flat

Let’s be honest, not every day is a day for heels and that’s okay! But fret not because swapping the heels for comfortable flats doesn’t have to compromise on style. For those days when you’re on your feet our beloved Zabelle Ballet Flats make a timeless fashion statement. Available in an array of trendy colours so your look is always up to date, these comfortable flats will take you everywhere you need to go with ease.

3. A Fit and Flare Dress

The joyful feeling of putting on a beautiful dress and walking out the door fully dressed comes second to none! A beautiful fit and flare dress holds so much power in your wardrobe and gives instant impact and boost of confidence. It also provides the simplicity of only needing to think about what matching accessories and jacket and cardigan you are going to pair with it and we love that!

4. A Pencil Skirt

We love the simplicity of a classic pencil skirt and its ability to match with any camisole or blouse you like. This might just be one of your most versatile wardrobe options in your workwear wardrobe so having one in a few different colours and prints will never let you down. It’s nice to embrace a bit of contrast here by adding a pop colour on top or a fun fashion print. When it comes to styling your high waist skirt, a long top will look smarted tucked and a cropped top will work perfectly worn over the top.

5. A Classic Pant

Similar to your pencil skirt, this is your building block to match and match with your current favourite tops to your hearts content! A pant with lovely stretch and recovery is a non-negotiable for us because if you aren’t comfortable it will show in the way you carry yourself during the day. This is why we always opt for an elastane blend fabric to keep our Review Girls looking smart and feeling comfy too. Opt for a classic tailored cut to elevate your outfit and strike a more professional look.

6. A High Neck Top

A classic high neck blouse never goes astray and can be updated in new seasonal colours for a fresh look that will tuck beautifully into your basic pants and skirt options. Layer up with a warm Chessie Cardigan or timeless jacket that ties in with your skirts or pants.

7. A Tote Bag

A carry-all tote bag is an office saviour when you’re on the go and have a lot to bring with you. Enter the building with grace and style and avoid the awkwardness of trying to not spilling your coffee whilst juggling all your paperwork. Think of the Koko Quilted Tote as your Mary Poppins bag, with plenty of room for your laptop, makeup bag, snacks and more!