The New Colour on the Block: Mustard The New Colour on the Block: Mustard

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The New Colour on the Block: Mustard

As we enter a brand new year and approach the change of seasons, we are embracing heart-warming colours that reflect the golden autumn leaves while representing a beacon of light and hope for the year ahead. The mustard trend is definitely having a moment right now and we are happily putting pink on hold to let it shine!

Bold yet versatile, cheerful yet sophisticated, vibrant yet cosy, mustard is a colour that uplifts the spirits and will tickle the fancy of any fashion fanatic!

As much as we adore shades of pink, florals and sparkles, it’s time to shift our minds to autumn colours and beautiful sun-drenched desert hues as we welcome the mustard trend into our wardrobes. If you’re reading this thinking that mustard clothing has never really appealed to you before, then we must emphasise that wearing mustard really does looks different compared to seeing it on the rack! As well as this, wearing yellow has been proven to bring on a more cheerful mood and we welcome this wholeheartedly after a challenging 2020. Not convinced yet? Keep reading to find out why we love this colour trend so much.

Reasons we can’t get enough of mustard

  • Believe it or not, mustard is a versatile neutral shade that contrasts beautifully with many other colours in your wardrobe such as navy, burgundy, white, denim, black and other warm jewel tones.
  • Mustard is one of those rare colours that compliment all skin tones. It will be especially loved by those who normally don’t suit muted pastel colours to offer more depth and contrast against the skin.
  • Yellow is often a colour used to draw in attention and therefore you’re bound to strike an impressive reaction when you walk into the room! As well as this, the colour is very unique so it’s great for those looking for some extra oomph in their wardrobe.
  • The mustard colour trend has been in fashion for years and never goes out of style!

Some may look at wearing a statement mustard coloured dress as high risk, but we think it’s actually high reward!

As a fashion statement

A bright statement colour promises to draw in the eye and can be a great conversational starter when wanting to make a good first impression. Consider mustard for a first date or special occasion you have been looking forward to for a long time. If you opt for a solid coloured dress, you can always balance the look by pairing with neutral coloured shoes and accessories.

A small pop of colour

If a strong fashion statement is not quite your cup of tea, or you’d like something a little bit more toned down for everyday orworkwear, then you can also choose to incorporate the trend through the use of accessories such as a tailored belt or ballet flat. This is a great way to elevate your outfit if you feel it is looking a bit plain and needs to be brought to life!

A patterned look

If wearing solid yellow is not your style, then you can always opt for a beautiful colour mix as a fun way to give a nod to the trend but stay true to your own personal style. Whether its spot, stripes or florals, mustard is make a lovely complimentary colour in many colour palettes.