Read how Stephanie is making a difference in so many ways, every single day.

Photographer, content-creator and part of Every Daughter Matters, an anti-human trafficking organisation that rescues Nepali girls from being trafficked.

Tell us about yourself.  Anything and everything, we’d love to get to know you.I’m Steph, a 33 year old woman living in Sydney. I own my own photography and content business, and also work with Every Daughter Matters.
Every Daughter Matters is an anti-human trafficking organisation based in Australia, but we work to rescue Nepali girls being trafficked into a life of slavery and abuse. Working with EDM has been a passion of mine since I first heard about human trafficking at the age of 20.
I actually grew up overseas. From birth to around 13-14. I grew up living all over the world in Mongolia, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Turkey (whilst spending a lot of time in neighbouring countries) as my Dad worked in ministry. Due to my upbringing, I always felt called to follow in his footsteps and make an impact where needed. 

Tell us a little more about what you’re doing in the community to help make a difference? I am 100% creative blood and thrive on creating content and anything to do with marketing. Over the years I have learned to really nurture my skills and use those skills to help people in all different areas. I have definitely used my business to help other businesses who don’t have the funds for professional photography/content.
Then there is the work I do with Every Daughter Matters. I will be in Nepal when this interview goes out live! Travelling with the team to do all the photography and content needed. Documenting every step of the journey through our TikTok channel – using social media to get the message out there. We set up security booths along the border of Nepal which is one the largest gateways to human trafficking in the world. We will be visiting all of the booths as well as our safe house where some of the rescued girls will be.
I also have my tiktok@preppyinpearlsblog, while I may not be standing on the Nepali border, or helping businesses with content. My fashion tiktok channel was really created as my way of wanting to help inspire women to dress up, embrace individuality and not be afraid to wear what they love regardless of current trends.

Who/What inspires you to do this amazing work?

There are definitely a few people. One is my Dad – not only from my upbringing and seeing the difference he has made In the world, but he was also the one who told me about human trafficking. He came back from a work trip in Cambodia and brought me back a pair of earrings made by some rescued girls. That was the very first time I heard about human trafficking. From that moment It just never left me and I knew I had to do something about it. 12-13 years later here I am in Nepal doing just that!
Then there is the team at Every Daughter Matters. Being surrounded by people with the same passion to serve in this area really inspires me every day.

What does it mean to you to be recognised as part of the Review International Women’s Day campaign this year?
I don’t do things for recognition, so it definitely feels a little strange to be recognised for the work I am doing. But then there is the other side that is great because it’s an incredible way to spread awareness around topics I am passionate about or just to inspire people to go out and serve others too. You never know the impact you will make. Even if you are helping just that one person!

What do you love about the Review brand? 

I have always admired the timeless elegance of Review items. I have noticed a lot of brands over the years lose their individuality and jump on whatever is trending. But Review never has lost its true essence. I admire that.
I will never forget my first Review purchase. It was YEARS ago, in my early 20’s. I needed a dress to go out in, and I was pretty broke at that point, but I walked into Review and just fell in love with everything in there. Safe to say I spent a few hundred dollars which was so much for me at the time. I cherished it for such a long time!

Are there any specific projects, events etc that you’d like to tell us (and the Review community) about to raise awareness, support, information?
I would definitely love to raise as much awareness as possible for Every Daughter Matters – just the work everyone is doing really makes such a huge impact. Our counsellors standing on the borders are intercepting and rescuing up to 150+ girls a month. To put it into perspective, there are around 20,000 girls that go missing on the boarder every single year. We really need to raise funds for our counsellors’ wages. We have 9 counsellors without sponsorship currently and we will continue to keep expanding. You can visit the social media channels @rescuingnepaldaughters to see more of the work.