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If you’re reading this article then the chances are that you’re equally in love with double tapping on those gorgeous outfit photos too! So what is the key to creating beautiful “outfit of the day” imagery like the influencers do? Take your selfies to new heights and curate a beautiful social feed with these tried and true tips straight from the Review Social Media team.

What is an OOTD?

Outfit of the Day photos are all about showcasing your own personal style by taking a photo of what you are wearing and posting it to social media. Whether you are at the office, on the way to a concert or fancy event, OOTD’s can be for any occasion you like and are all about highlighting the wonderful fashion moments you have created. If you’re like us, you’ll probably want to perfect your image before posting.

Did you know?

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1. Choose a fab background

After you’ve put together a swoon-worthy outfit, it’s important to make sure your clothes are the star of your photo (aka – don’t fill your frame with distracting backgrounds that detract from the outfit having its moment to shine!).

Think of backgrounds that are going to complement your outfit and not work against it.

2. Take multiple shots

There is nothing worse than getting ready to post your awesome photo only to look back and see your button was undone or hair was blowing over your face. That’s why we suggest always taking multiple photos so you can guarantee that you got the shot. Try switching up the angles and using slightly different backgrounds and poses so you have a good selection to choose from.

3. Be aware of the lighting

It’s a good idea to take a few test shots to check you aren’t showing up dark or squinting in the sunlight. There are two sweet spots during the day; at midday when the sun is at its brightest and or right before sunset (often called the “golden hour”) when you get that dreamy and romantic effect. If you can’t quite tie up your schedule to this time of day, opt for a natural light setting as this is always going to be the most flattering. Make sure your camera flash is switched off for the best result.

4. Practise your poses

If you really want to take an OOTD image like a pro, it’s great to learn your best angles and have some key poses in mind. Taking a few steps in motion works a treat and creates a super natural look. There are no rules saying your photo has to be taken standing either. Try a seated pose at a café or get creative on different stairways or outdoor settings.

But what do I do with my arms? There must be some strange thing that happens when you start focusing on how you’re posing too much, where your arms can tend to start feeling super awkward. Some great poses to pull out in these cases are crossing your arms, putting your hands in your pockets or use a handbag or other prop to give your arms something to do rather than dangling at your side.

Final Tips & Tricks

  • Skip the professional photographer – your mobile camera will work perfectly! Ask your bestie to take the photo of you or set up a timer in the backyard and do it yourself
  • Use editing features on your phone to create the perfect lighting. Less is often more here so make sure you don’t take your editing too far to avoid your photos ending up looking unnatural.
How to take an instagram-worthy picture How to take an instagram-worthy picture


How to take an instagram-worthy picture