How to Style a Dress in Winter How to Style a Dress in Winter

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How to Style a Dress in Winter

The winter chill has well and truly arrived!

If you are not a pants girl, you may be pondering how to embrace the easiness and breeziness of your favourite dresses through the cooler months without shivering your way through the day. Perhaps you have a special occasion or even a wedding coming up and need that extra bit of help to winterize your pretty frock. Whatever the reason, there is no need to enter a winter styling rut. Review has got you covered with easy-to-follow styling tips that will make wearing a dress in winter an effortless choice.

The Dilemma:

It is pouring outside and it’s time to head off to a birthday party. You need to get dressed ASAP or you’re going to be late! Your wardrobe is filled to the brim with the latest in pretty colours and printed dresses, but the goosebumps on your arm are telling you that although your pretty dresses are cute, they’re just not going to be warm enough! You turn to your winter pants and jumpers but know deep down they just aren’t going to satisfy your desire to look as pretty as a picture in your new favourite dress! Okay, okay… we might sound slightly dramatic here, but we have just the solution for all of our #ReviewGirls so you can all wear your dresses throughout the wintertime! Keep reading to uncover how to wear a dress in the winter season.

1. Wear black tights with a long line coat

Ahh… we just adore simple black tights for allowing us to wear our favourites dresses even through the wintertime! Black tights and black boots make the perfect foundation for any printed dress whilst a fun spotted tight can add some extra personality to a little black dress. Whether you are going to work, out to dinner or running your daily errands, a good quality pair of tights or two is your first essential when styling your dresses in winter. If you’re looking to take your outfit’s cosy factor up a notch, consider wearing a pair of black leggings under your dress, ensuring they are neatly tucked into boots.

A long coat is a great investment to elevate a special occasion look whilst also preventing the chattering teeth moment as you arrive to an event. Not only are they thick enough to block a cold winters breeze, but they are also lovingly crafted with woollen fabrics that generate warmth whilst you wear them. Opt for a neutral colour if you’re wearing a bold colour or print or play with colour if wearing a classic navy or black.

2. Add stylish boots to match your faux fur coat

Ankle or knee-high boots are the perfect way to cover up your feet from that nip in the winters air, which is automatically going to keep the rest of your body that little bit warmer. Not only are boots warm, but they add a trendy and edgy look to your outfit. Add some warm socks underneath and your feet will be thanking you for the toasty warm feeling!

We love faux fur for it is super soft and cosy feeling, as well as the luxuriousness it adds to any outfit! By wrapping yourself in a faux fur coat or scarf you will delight in the fabrics ability to insulate whilst also blocking out winter winds. Faux fur is on trend for everyday looks and evening looks alike and available in a range of colours to mix and match with your outfit.

3. Pick a warm jacket and top it off with a scarf

This one might sound like a no brainer, but we thought it was important to highlight some of our cutest jackets of the moment that will only add to your look while still allowing the dress to shine. If attending a day-time lunch, a denim jacket will do wonders! If needing something a bit dressier for a special occasion, the East Island Bolero is a must have! Looking for something in-between? Our classic leather jackets have the perfect balance of effortless yet put together.

Just by adding a layer around your neck you can significantly improve your warmth! Our classic pashmina scarves are an essential for every woman’s wardrobe and available in a range of neutral colours to style as you please. These luxurious scarves are crafted in a silk and wool blend and will last you a lifetime. A perfect addition to your handbag for those moments where you are feeling extra chilly.