How to Create the Perfect Parisian Picnic How to Create the Perfect Parisian Picnic


How to Create the Perfect Parisian Picnic

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With the weather finally warming up, nothing has us more excited than frolicking in our summer dresses while picnicking with our loved ones. Add some Parisian flair no matter where you are in the world and have your guests saying “oh la la’” whilst nibbling on a croissant and sipping champagne until the sun goes down. Picnics really are a summer’s treat, and these are the tips and tricks to create your own luscious country scene whether it’s in your backyard or a park nearby.

Did you know? The art of picnicking originates from the French “pique-nique”– a phrase coined in the 13th century when nobles would take food with them while hunting with the intent of breaking for lunch under a tree with a table cloth spread on the grass to sit on. We (and the rest of the world) obviously thought they were onto something pretty-darn-good hence picnics being the oh-so enjoyable activity we love to do when the weather starts to warm.

Start by Setting the Scene


We may not be on the banks of the Seine River but let’s just pretend! A lush, scenic and green corner close to home will make for a perfect location. Find yourself a flat shady grove under a tree with a nice patch of soft grass so you can let time pass by without any worries of feeling too warm or getting sunburnt. To make the occasion extra special, it can also be nice to find somewhere nearby water such as by a lake, river or even by the sea!


The perfect picnic conditions really do rely on Mother Nature giving us a calm warm day. Keep eyes on the forecast so you can plan your perfect picnic time and day to avoid any stories of your favourite hat getting blown away in the wind.

Prepare Your Checklist

Pack Your Picnic Basket

While wicker baskets are super cute and add to the Parisian feel, a chic tote or freezer bag can be just as good. Decide if you’re going more formal with antique linens and silverware or keeping it casual with paper plates and beach towels. Regardless, you’ll also need to pack some plastic cups and napkins.

Prepare Something to Rest the Food On

While you’re enjoying being with nature and setting up to sit on the ground, it always makes for a better experience if you have a hard surface to serve the food on. This could be a chopping board, platter, or you could even get more creative with wine crates or an old trunk for an even more charming and picturesque effect

Drum-roll Please… The Glorious Platter!

Would it really be a Parisian picnic without the delights of a soft French Camembert or Brie cheese? We think not - but that’s just getting started! Complete your picnic platter with crusty baguettes, charcuterie meats, mini patisseries, macaroons, nicoise salad, grapes, peaches, cherries and a sneaky bottle of your favourite wine or champagne (just remember to pack your bottle opener!). Bon appetite!

So #ReviewGirl, it’s time to pack up your picnic blanket and basket, put on some accordion music pretend you’re in the city of lights, even if only for a meal.

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