YVETTE & her daughter Heidi YVETTE & her daughter Heidi


YVETTE & her daughter Heidi

Meet the women behind our latest campaign, all the mums, dog-mums, and mums-to-be, straight from Review HQ.

What’s your role at Review and how long have you worked for the brand?

I’m the Merchandise Planning Manager and I’ve been with Review for 1 ½ years now.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a mum?

Being part of my daughter’s journey into becoming a happy, confident, kind, conscientious woman. It isn’t always easy letting go as they grow up, but it is very rewarding to see how the little life lessons and experiences you’ve shared along their journey shape the decisions that they make, and who they are becoming as an adult.

What is a life lesson you’ve been able to pass down to your kids?

It’s more important to be kind than to be right, even the most difficult of situations can be handled with kindness and understanding.

Tell us about a proud mum moment.

There isn’t just one single moment that comes to mind. My daughter grows, learns and accomplishes things every day, and I enjoy reflecting back on the moments that make me proud of her each and every day. Yesterday’s proud moment was coming home to a clean and tidy house, which meant instead of me needing to complete the daily post-work chores, we could actually spend some quality time together in the evening.

What does an ideal day with your daughter look like?

That’s a tough one. I’m a single Mum who works full-time so there’s lots of juggling involved during the week with work, school and extracurricular activities. However, we balance this out by making Sundays our FUN-DAY. Whatever state the house is in, it can stay that way for the day and we prioritise spending some quality time together.

Do you have a family holiday destination you love and would recommend?

We love the beach and the sunshine, so our favourite holiday destinations are usually somewhere tropical. But I think it’s rewarding and important for my daughter to see as much of the world as possible so we never go to the same place twice! The ideal holiday for us consists of a good mix of relaxation, fun, adventure and education (learning about different cultures).

What are your plans this Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is always an extended family event (we have a VERY LARGE extended family!), where we catch up to celebrate not only the mums, but all the strong females in our family who have influenced how our children have been raised. A big seafood lunch is on the cards for this year, with the day bound to be full of chaos, loud conversation, music and lots of wine and laughter, making more great memories together.

What are your wardrobe essentials as a busy mum?

100% my most important priority is comfy shoes! Whether they are young or teenagers, there is ALWAYS lots of running around to be done, and it’s absolutely important to have a comfortable pair of shoes to support your feet on those busy days!