Where & Wear to Raise your Pinky Where & Wear to Raise your Pinky

Where & Wear to Raise your Pinky

Like matching lipstick to outfits, matching tea cup charms to tea shops is the #ReviewGirl way.

Peggy Porschen, London

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, Peggy Porschen is THE Review Girl’s destination for a fancy tea and cake, and the fact that Vanity Fair named them “the best cupcakes in the word” is just, well, the icing on the cake. But the real cherry on top is how instagram-worthy this place is - pink, cute, and super drool-worthy! *double taps*

Where & Wear to Raise your Pinky

Mama Kelly, Amsterdam

Oh. My. PINK! For lovers of pink (us), Mama Kelly is a dream destination. While she’s not strictly a tea house, our teacup charm and Mama Kelly go hand in hand with their matching pink and gold accents. One reviewer even described it is a “perfect pink paradise”, and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves..

Where & Wear to Raise your Pinky

Laduree, Everywhere

We could Laduree all day! (and often do). Emulate Marie Antoinette by ordering up big from their lavish pastry cabinet, paired with a glass of French champagne, of course. Our teacup charm is truly at home at any Laduree - bonus points for pairing with a pink macaron

Where & Wear to Raise your Pinky

On The Couch, Your Girlfriend’s House

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best cups of Earl Grey come courtesy of Twinnings set in your best friend’s living room. Girl talk by you, conversational jewellery by us. Because every good friend notices a new accessory.

For the love of looseleaf, show us where you’d wear your teacup charm! #ReviewGirl to share

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