Meet The Artist: Alexandra Nea Meet The Artist: Alexandra Nea

Behind the Scenes

Meet The Artist: Alexandra Nea

Meet Alexandra, an incredible illustrator who helped us bring From The Archives to life.

How/ when did your love for art begin?

I have been drawing since as early as I can remember. My Mum tells me as a little girl I would sit for hours upon hours just sketching and colouring and making art.

As soon as I was old enough I took after school art classes which flowed into choosing art as a subject choice in high school to studying fashion design at TAFE following year 12. In all that time I never stopped sketching and painting!

What/ who inspires you?

I am inspired by the old world, the romance of days gone by, vintage treasures, be they clothing, furnishings or architecture. Ambling through a sprawling antique market is my idea of a day well spent!

What’s the most rewarding aspect about being an artist?

No two projects are the same, there is always a new avenue to explore and build on from previous experiences and works.I love the flexibility of the lifestyle being able to work around the busy lives of my two young kids.

Spreading a little sprinkle of happiness and bringing smiles to my clients faces with my works is very rewarding!

Take us through the creative process behind your art

Right now most of my projects come from a commercial or private commission base, I am not working on anything just for me.

So they start with a brief which is developed with the client based on their requirements and then I set to work bringing that vision to a reality.
My own creative outlet however is currently being flamed by the renovation of our home.

I am thoroughly enjoying winding down this new creative path, delving into the world of architecture and interior design.

What did you enjoy most about creating the gorgeous girly illustrations for our From the Archives ‘Design your Dress’ project?

I’ve worked with Review before and I love capturing Review Girls in fashion Illustration! The dress silhouettes just dance around the page making it so enjoyable to create movement and swing in the illustrations, they are a joy to capture.

How do you decide on the characteristics/personalities that bring your illustrations to life?

I like to bring an understanding of the brand to my illustrated girls when I am creating. Who are these girls? who shops there, why, their lifestyle.
Little touches like how I illustrate the girl's hair, flourishes of the hands, the placement of the legs in the stance can alter completely how the viewer feels about an illustration and whether they relate to our illustrated girl or not.
The positioning of a foot has never been so important as to when I am trying to capture a feeling for a brand!