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Love Your Denim

Your off-duty staple, quick remedy to feeling overdressed (FYI: there’s no such thing), and all-round wardrobe favourite could do with a little love once in a while. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it keeps your denim looking great.

Here's How


This is not PSA per se, because by now you’ve heard endless tales of why you shouldn’t launder your denim on the regular. Less is more. This will help keep the fit you love true to you. To keep your denim fabulous between washes toss it in the freezer - but risk freaking out your partner/housemates. Alternatively, use a steamer to kill any odour causing bacteria.

Storage-wise it’s always best to simply fold you denim dresses, jackets or skirts, stack them, then admire them.



Turn your denim inside out to prevent excessive fading and colour loss. Faded denim reflects your personal style but a good fade comes from living in beloved denim, not the rumble and tumble of your spin cycle.

Pro tip:
Don’t forget to check your pockets and unroll your cuffs so dirt and sand don’t get trapped in – it’s kind of equivalent to washing behind your ears.

Wash with a cold-water spin cycle to protect against fading and shrinking. It also saves you energy AND money, which means you’re doing good for your clothes, your energy bill, and the environment. It’s a triple win. Save the world, one denim jacket at a time.


Ever wonder where lint comes from? It’s your clothes breaking down in the dryer. Dryers are the natural enemy of denim, so it makes sense to opt for a gentler, breezier option. Hang up to dry to preserve the fit and avoid possible shrinkage.

For more information, check the care label inside your garment