Guide to Colour Blocking Guide to Colour Blocking

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Guide to Colour Blocking

Bright pops of colour are very high on our list of a thing that make us smile, which is why we are ecstatic to join in on the fun that the colour blocking trend ensues!

If you are not familiar with the trend, colour blocking is all about taking colours that are opposites on the colour wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary colour combinations that create bold and beautiful impact. There couldn’t be a better time to ditch the cold grey days and inject some colour into your wardrobe just in time for spring. Here is the Review certified guide to creating your own colour blocking fashion statement.

How do I create the perfect colour blocking outfit?

Creating a successful and eye-catching colour blocking moment takes just a touch of creativity along with following these easy tips and tricks. There are three different ways to go about colour blocking, and you can choose which one you opt for depending on how you are feeling on any given day.

Use this colour wheel as a guide to help you navigate which colours to style with for each look, or feel free to just go crazy and play around until you've found something that expresses your own personal style!


By mixing different tones, saturation and texture of the same colour you can take a softer (yet equally fun!) approach to the colour blocking trend. This is a great place to get started if you're quite new to wearing colour as it's impossible to go wrong! We have no doubt you're going to become addicted to how wearing colour makes you feel and be keen to move onto the next trend very quickly. Try a navy blue skirt paired with electric blue blouse and baby blue belt for a moody everyday look or if you're off to a celebration, a soft blush dress, blush satin pumps and sparkly pink belt works a treat.


Are you ready to take colour blocking up a notch? Use the colour wheel to explore different colours within the same colour family to create an even more striking effect! If Princess Diana can colour block, then so can you! Try combinations of pink and vivid red for a day at the races or warm yellow and bright orange for a fun summer's day in the sun! Whatever you choose, know that the bright colour tones also do a great job at reviving and uplifting your skins appearance and make your appear more radiant overall.

Winning Colour Combinations

During the summertime, the brighter the better! We adore bright pink tones paired with red, or fresh green hues and navy blue to complement each other beautifully. During the colder months you may opt for more deep purples with navy or red and burgundy for a rich autumn look.

Guide to Colour Blocking


Welcome to colour blocking level three (our personal favourite of all looks!). This trend is all about jumping from opposite sides of the colour wheel to create a look with maximum impact. With spring approaching, it's time to get even more expressive and creative with our fashion! This look is perfect for celebrations as it is bound to instantly uplift any room that you walk into and enhance the part vibes! Remember, confidence is always the key to pulling of a bold fashion statement. Carry yourself with the same pizazz of the bright colour that you are wearing. As a general rule, we recommend sticking with two or three complimentary colours here to no overwhelm the look. 

Guide to Colour Blocking